The American Petroleum Institute: They want you to “go bankrupt.”

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has been the standard bearer in the United States since its inception on March 20, 1919.

From the API website:

“The American Petroleum Institute was established to afford a means of cooperation with the government in all matters of national concern. to foster foreign and domestic trade in American petroleum products. to promote in general the interests of the petroleum industry in all its branches.”

But promoting “the interests of the petroleum industry” in America is no longer the case, and the leadership of the American Petroleum Institute has sold out our “national concern”.

In 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic of the virus from China and before the Saudi-Russia price war had driven U.S. oil futures into the red on April 20th, Pioneer Natural Resources CEO Scott Sheffield told CNBC that the supermajors want to see “all the independents go bankrupt” so they can come back in and “pick up the scraps”.

Mr. Sheffield was not wrong.

In 2015, a joint venture formed by ExxonMobil, Hess Corporation, and China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) discovered over 5 billion bbls of light sweet crude oil in the Stabroek Block offshore Guyana.

The estimates have since topped 10 billion bbls, and the joint venture is not done exploring.

China National Offshore Oil Corporation is – as most businesses in China are – owned by the Communist Chinese Party, and President Trump’s administration added CNOOC to the DoD blacklist of companies owned or controlled directly by the Communist Chinese Military.

What does any of this have to do with our country, industry, and jobs?

We work in a supply-and-demand global industry. The light sweet crude oil produced in Guyana rivals West Texas Intermediate crude oil (WTI).

China did not hold up its end of the bargain to import U.S. oil & gas in the Phase 1 Trade Deal made with America under President Trump.

China has continued to import oil from Iran and Venezuela, despite U.S. sanctions on both countries. There are articles that report “ghost ships” or “zombie ships” have changed transponders at sea to send tankers of sanctioned oil to China.

And now, the leadership of the American Petroleum Institute is helping Guyana hurt American producers, service companies, contractors, and workers.

Guyana’s export contracts are mostly with China and other Asian countries. Recently, there were reports of supertankers that hold up to 2 million bbls of oil being built for Guyana’s oil exports.

The government of Guyana just awarded a one-year contract to Saudi Aramco to market its share of the oil.

Saudi Arabia is China’s biggest supplier of oil for the 10th month in a row this year.




Why would the American Petroleum Institute help build up the country of Guyana and hurt U.S. producers and American workers?

That’s not America.

Transfer of information is one thing. Helping Guyana smother WTI exports and depress the entire American oil & gas industry is another, very sinister thing. Some argue that supporting Guyana’s oil industry helped block Venezuela from exporting to China, but Venezuela has already been exporting to China.

The supermajor producers who control the American Petroleum Institute are multi-national corporations that have invested in oil & gas holdings around the world.

Supermajors can afford to play the long game in politics. American workers, business owners, and investors cannot.

Our oil & gas are not going anywhere if we leave them in the ground. The natural resources God blessed us with will stay there until someone extracts them. Will it be Americans? Will it still be American soil then?

That is the long game that supermajors and state-owned oil corporations can afford to play. Countries like Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, Mexico, Iran, – and now Guyana – and more will be happy to take over America’s global market share and jobs. Then, after the U.S. industry has been smashed to bits and America’s once-booming economy permanently crippled, those supermajors and foreign countries who worked to hinder our vital industry will come back in and – as Mr. Sheffield said – “pick up the scraps”.

China has been colonizing Guyana for some time.

After President Trump was gone from the White House, we watched China and Iran sign a 25-year deal for oil & gas. Many analysts know that President Trump’s administration was the only thing standing between China and Iran’s partnership.

China has invested in Qatar’s natural gas industry.

Qatar is India’s #1 supplier of natural gas, which hurts U.S. natural gas producers.

China took control of Ecuador’s oil industry.

And now, perhaps China – through hostile takeovers of good American operators like ExxonMobil by “activist hedge funds” and the Big 3 of finances (Blackrock, Vanguard, and State Street) and pushing “climate crisis” scare tactics through the “media” – has taken control of the once-reliable American Petroleum Institute and America’s oil industry.

Midland Reporter-Telegram: “Sheffield said Exxon ‘controls API and TxOGA’”.  Or is it now China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia, too?




Oil & Gas Workers Association

My name is Matt Coday. I am the President & Founder of Oil & Gas Workers Association.

I remember 1986. I was 9 and the oldest of 3 kids. We lived in Whiteface, Texas. My Dad worked wireline for Schlumberger in Levelland. We had a new house my parents built a few years earlier (I remember having my 5th birthday party there under the carport).

When the bust of 1986 came, my parents – like many oil & gas people in the United States – did everything they could to survive in West Texas. I remember Sears came and got the new couch and stove the day before Thanksgiving. My parents turned in one of our two cars to the Ford dealership in Lubbock. We sold the house and moved to the Summerfield edition of Keller. My Dad cleaned carpets for a living, and my Mom stocked facial tissue for Kimberly-Clark to keep us fed.

After 6 months in the Metroplex, my parents moved us back to West Texas, and my Dad worked a billion and 43 hours (this is an exaggeration, for those of you who believe anything AOC says) a week in a hot oil truck. My Mom went back to college to become a teacher. She started at South Plains College in Levelland and graduated from Texas Tech University. I remember one Christmas (maybe my Mom’s first or second year at Tech) my Mom opened a box from my Dad. It was a pair of tennis shoes. My Mom cried, and my Dad smiled. She had been walking all over campus in shoes that had holes in the bottoms.

We were kids. We didn’t know. I didn’t know that not everybody on the block had hot dogs in one form or another three nights a week. We did. My parents made sure we were fed and had good clothes for school. So many people never find out how much their parents sacrificed and struggled. I have gotten that blessing.

In 2014 (the Facebook page I created dates back to March 21, 2015), I founded Oil & Gas Workers Association (OGWA). I just believed someone should fight for the PEOPLE in this industry whose lives and families are supported by this great industry. I was tired of seeing American workers sold out to foreign countries’ industries propped up by our federal government with American taxpayers-backed financing. I know struggle. I’ve watched American workers struggle through the booms and busts all my life.

It is the PEOPLE who work in our industry who suffer the effects of bad policies (like some of the bigger members of the API backing carbon pricing), and those policies hurt ALL Americans.

OGWA was founded in response to the Obama-Biden administration’s weaponization of the EPA to hurt U.S. producers with burdensome, overzealous, and unnecessary environmental regulations that cost many Americans our jobs.

Those regulations forced smaller producers to have a greater capital outlay, which reduced production and jobs. Senseless regulations are happening again today, and we have seen mergers and acquisitions accelerate. Companies are fighting for survival. Those companies employ PEOPLE.

Consolidation bodes well for the supermajor producers. With concentration in the Permian Basin, ExxonMobil and Chevron are positioned to reap the benefits of a permanent federal oil & gas leasing ban. The price/bbl goes up, and it appears to outsiders that the industry is healthy.

But it is not. Our oil & gas industry in America is hurting. American workers are hurting. American business owners are hurting. We are headed for another 1986, 1980, and worse.

America is hurting, and we must pay attention to oil & gas all over the country. Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Mexico, Louisiana, the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, Wyoming, Kentucky, Colorado, North Dakota, West Virginia, … let’s bring California and New York back!

If we don’t save American jobs for American workers all across our great nation, we may be relatively “safe” in Texas for a while, but every drilling company, trucking company, frac services company, casing crew, etc., comes here. Supermajors gobble up a bigger percentage of the acreage, competition among contractors increases, service contract prices go down, the cost of living goes up, and wages go down. It is a PERFECT STORM brewing against American workers.

Green New Deal radical environmentalists have their sights set on Texas, too. With a 52-47 split for American Oil & Gas Workers ally President Trump in the 2020 election, Texas oil & gas is not safe.

I dread a world in which anti-American oil & gas policies would ban new fossil fuels infrastructure in Texas the way Portland, Oregon, did this year.

Will Houston always be the Energy Capital of the World, or will the Democrat-controlled city and county run American oil & gas out and let that capital move south to a strategic export terminal on the coast of oil & gas-friendly Mexico?

 Mexico’s corrupt government-owned oil company Pemex received $8.5 billion in American taxpayers-backed financing during the Obama-Biden administration and $55 billion in financing from 2016-2020 from sources that include JP Morgan Chase and HSBC.

Just this year, a Mexican court stole the Zama offshore oilfield discovery from Houston-based Talos Energy and awarded it to Pemex.

Our country is on the brink of disaster. We have an administration in the White House that dishonors and disrespects our Veterans, endangers our Military and LEOs, lifts sanctions on a Russian pipeline while canceling the Keystone XL permit, appears willing to lift sanctions on Iran’s irresponsible oil industry to get back a nuclear agreement that Iran violated before former President Obama and then-Vice President Joe Biden ever left office, and refuses to secure our borders.

All these issues impact our oil & gas jobs and all Americans.

People who work in our great American industry need someone they can trust. I want all 11.3 million people whose jobs our industry supported in 2019 to go to bed at night knowing OGWA has their back. I want every American to know we are working for them.

When I lay my head down at night – after I’ve done some praying and thanked God for another day and asked Him to show me what to do – I don’t worry as much about my 2nd Amendment Rights because I know organizations like GOA are watching and acting to protect my rights on all levels in this country – municipal, state, and federal. That’s why I pay a membership fee.

THAT is what we are doing at OGWA. I want everyone who works in this industry to be able to spend time taking their little girl to ballet or their son to baseball and know that there is an organization founded by an Oil & Gas Worker and run by Oil & Gas Workers that has their back.

We are working to protect your job. We work so you can.

Whether we be Democrat, Republican, or Independent, we should all realize that our vital American oil & gas industry supports every citizen of the United States. Oil & gas jobs for Americans SHOULD have 100% bipartisan support.

American workers have looked to the API in the past as the one organization that is working on their behalf.

The American Petroleum Institute is not that organization anymore.

The API’s subsidiary Energy Citizens is not either.

Oil & Gas Workers Association IS.

Our membership is growing rapidly. With members from all across the USA, OGWA is working with lobbyists, attorneys, consultants, and educators to advance the image of our industry and represent American workers on legislative and regulatory issues that impact our jobs. Because of your support, our website and social media are undergoing a massive overhaul and will look shiny as new soon. Thank you! Thank you for being an American oil & gas worker. Thank you for supporting Oil & Gas Workers Association!




OGWA’s mission statement is simple and clear.

Oil & Gas Workers Association is working to secure, grow, and sustain American oil & gas jobs and fighting for American workers.

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We are fighting for AMERICAN jobs and AMERICAN workers.