Large Business Membership



Welders, hotshots, truck drivers, construction companies, lease operators, restaurants and retail businesses in oil & gas areas, oil & gas services companies, and other small business owners whose revenue is supported by our vital American oil & gas industry are joining OGWA as Business Members.

Business Members receive priority registration for OGWA events and additional recognition in social, educational, and fundraising campaigns/media.

Because OGWA is a 501c6 tax-exempt trade association, many business owners receive the benefit of supporting this industry organization that is working to secure, grow, and sustain American oil & gas jobs.

With your annual Business Membership, we increase the effectiveness of our education, legal, and lobbying efforts.

We appreciate your support and want to feature your business in our newsletters and on our website and social media. We will contact you to get your logo, website, and business information.

OGWA is working for you.

Thank you for being an American worker.

Thank you for supporting American workers.


Legal Mumbo Jumbo: Because Oil & Gas Workers Association, Inc., is a 501c6, we are required by the IRS to tell you that a portion of your Membership dues may be used for lobbying. Business Memberships renew annually until canceled.