September 7, 2021

Does election integrity matter to our jobs? You bet it does.

Protecting the vote should be an issue that all Americans can agree on, and OGWA is proud to have worked on Texas SB 1. Governor Greg Abbott (R) signed into law SB 1 that provides more protective measures for our elections.

What American doesn’t support that? 

 We see the “media” refer to this bill as “restrictive”. In a sense, the “media” is right for once. SB 1 restricts the amount of election fraud that could happen. All Americans can “unify” and “come together” to ensure that our elections are actually “free and fair”.

 Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland said everyone impacted by the policies of the Biden-Harris administration would get a seat at the table. Oil & Gas Workers in America have certainly earned our seat at the table. Read OGWA’s request at the link above.

Update (September 2021): We still haven’t gotten that invitation, and we’re beginning to wonder if Secretary Haaland really meant what she said.