“Multiple players” on the Cal Golden Bears Football team will not play in today’s game against Arizona.

Why? Because they have the rona.

Cal’s Athletic Director Jim Knowlton released a statement that said, “Even with 99 percent of our football student-athletes fully vaccinated, we have seen that breakthrough cases are still possible.”

99%? How dare you not mandate 100% compliance with vaccine mandates! Didn’t you hear the White House resident and Governor Gavin Newsom talk about how bad the pandemic is?

Oh, sure, Gavin Newsom doesn’t always wear a mask when he’s at parties. And no, Nancy Pelosi didn’t wear one when she went to get her hair did. Absolutely, it’s imperative for children to wear a mask in school. They’re not people at a fundraiser for Nancy Pelosi or a birthday party for former President Barack Obama, for crying out loud.

“Think of the children!” This is for their “health”!

Millions of Americans who work in and support our vital oil & gas industry are often called “science deniers”. When a Wall Street Journal reporter reached out to OGWA this week to ask how Oil & Gas Workers feel about vaccine mandates, that intended insult was mentioned.

On August 26th, Bloomberg printed an article citing a study that showed having COVID previously and recovering was more effective against the Delta variant of the virus from China than two shots of the Pfizer vaccine. At that time, the Pfizer vaccine was the only fully FDA-approved vaccine.

Today, “fully vaccinated” college football players who want to be paid for their time on the field are being held out of a game and missing an opportunity to impress pro scouts because they tested positive for the rona.


Tell us “dumb” oilfield workers who the “science deniers” are again.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the fully vaccinated Cal Golden Bears Football players during this uncertain time of contracting a virus with a REALLY high survival rate.

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