Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) is pictured with “some people did something” Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

Last year, I said that Democrats would do this. If they could take the White House, gain control of the Senate, and retain the House of Representatives, someone would use the COVID-19 pandemic as a reason to “redo” the Census.

America is supposed to accept the November election results, but somehow the Census is “undercounted” and unreliable?

Anti-American oil and gas jobs, terrorist-sympathizing, Green New Deal supporter Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) “predicted” the negative results of the Census that show the crime-ridden City of Detroit’s population decreased by over 10% since 2010.

Never mind that it could be because of the crime rate, high taxes, and loss of American jobs that many Americans left the state.

The State of Michigan is losing one U.S. House seat and a vote in the Electoral College because of its decrease in population.

Detroit’s Mayor Mike Duggan (D) says his city “will be pursuing our legal remedies to get Detroit an accurate count”.

Of course.

The Census results are usually released by April 1, and the Census numbers are often given out to states unofficially before that date.

Just a few weeks after President Biden’s inauguration, the Census Bureau announced on February 12, 2021, that COVID-related issues would delay the release of the data.

After months of the Biden-Harris administration refusing to secure our borders and transporting “migrants” all over the country (strategically, if you ask me), NOW they want to do a recount.

Americans asked for that with the election results, and Democrats have sued to stop independent audits. Hashtag transparency.

Does it sound like one of those “crazy” “conspiracy theories”? Oh, I don’t know. Neither I nor most Americans bought that “Russian collusion” conspiracy theory Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff peddled, so there’s that.

The number of U.S. House seats and allocation of federal dollars is directly tied to the Census. Any state wanting to “Democratically” steal funding and an advantage in Congress from other Americans has every motive to boost its population and then use COVID as an excuse to demand a recount of the Census.

There is a plot in this country for a federal takeover of our elections.

There is a plot in this country to kill our American oil and gas jobs and permanently cripple our economy, while foreign countries keep producing crude oil and natural gas, take over America’s global market share, and export their foreign oil to the United States.

There is a plot to steal from the financially successful and to give that money to people who do not “pay their fair share”, do not do the same demanding work, and do not sacrifice the same amount of time at work to make the amount of money we make — often away from our families.

Oil & Gas Workers Association “will be pursuing our legal remedies” to protect American oil and gas jobs, Mayor Duggan and Representative Tlaib.

OGWA is working to secure and advance American jobs. We are fighting for American workers.

Don’t “undercount” on that.


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