There’s a reason we don’t always believe “the scientists”: they lie sometimes.
Often, “the science” is funded by organizations and individuals with an agenda to achieve, and the data is skewed to fit that agenda.
Did Dr. Anthony Fauci lie about what he knew of the highly-probable “lab leak” that may have somehow “escaped” in Wuhan, China? His emails indicate that he may have, and – if true – Dr. Fauci is just one more example of “the scientists” we cannot trust to influence policy decisions.
Now, I’m no doctor. The last science set I played with was in college microbiology with Dr. Zamora. I couldn’t tell you a gram negative bacteria from a graham cracker, though I bet one doesn’t taste as good with cinnamon on it.
You may not be a “scientist” either, but I would bet that you and I are intelligent enough to read an email, to tell Americans the truth about a pandemic, and to have the integrity to identify a virus as Chinese bioterrorism.
What does any of this have to do with our oil and gas jobs?
President Biden said he is going to “listen to the scientists” as his administration makes decisions to kill American jobs. I’m not sure if those scientists are the ones speaking into his earpiece, or if that’s Margaret Thatcher again.
Whomever it is, there is still no 100% consensus opinion on man-made climate change or the role of fossil fuels, but some “scientists” claim there is and use that claim to try to kill the global oil and gas industry.
Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, along with Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, are using “the science” line to kill American oil and gas jobs, and that does not make any sense.
Oil & Gas Workers in the United States are producing cleaner energy than ever before. Producers in the U.S. have made heavy investments in environmentally-conscious advancements.
But that does not stop ignorant politicians from inflaming misinformed voters about how “the world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change” (Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, who declined Oil & Gas Workers Association’s invitation to speak at an event).
It didn’t stop former Vice President Al Gore from whiffing on his doomsday predictions either – all based on what “the scientists” said, and possibly because Al Gore was “super cereal” about helping former President Bill Clinton shift the narrative and hamstring the United States to let China take over.
It doesn’t make any sense when considered in the terms of the Paris Agreement either. There is no enforcement mechanism to the Paris Agreement, but President Biden is using the terms of that treaty to hurt U.S. producers and workers and justify his “transition away” from our American oil and gas jobs, while foreign countries with far lower environmental standards continue to produce and take over America’s global market share.
Our industry and our jobs are under attack. The weaponization of skewed “science” and intentionally malicious propaganda to kill our oil and gas jobs is one of the greatest challenges our industry faces.
Dr. Fauci’s example reminds us that “the scientists” do not always tell the truth, and “the science” isn’t always right.

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