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By Matt Coday
May 3, 2021
President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris like to refer to themselves as the “moral” leaders America needs.
During the 2020 campaign, many media outlets labeled the election a “moral referendum”. Joe Biden said that it was a “battle for the soul of the nation”.

We hear the phrase “human rights violations” slung around loosely by politicians and the media to vilify such things as enforcing our immigration laws, demanding that only eligible citizens of the United States vote in our elections, and not wanting babies to be murdered.

What we don’t hear about very often are the human rights violations in countries like China and Iran.

The Islamic leaders of Iran condone – nay encourage – the beating of women and have repeatedly defended the country’s execution of gays.
In 2019, former President Trump moved to decriminalize homosexuality worldwide so that gay people in other countries (especially the Middle East) were not beheaded in the streets or thrown off of rooftops to their deaths by their governments. At that time, one LGBTQ publication called the action by Trump to protect gay people from execution… yes, “racist”.
Representatives of the Biden-Harris administration signaled on Sunday that they are closing in on a return to the nuclear deal with sponsor of terrorism Iran and are willing to lift sanctions on Iran’s oil industry. Iran has been violating US sanctions already and exporting oil to China, a country that did not hold up to its end of the bargain on the Trade Deal made with the US under President Trump. Iran pledged to double its oil output this year, and President Biden will fully unleash Iran’s oil on the world market. That will add to the glut in global markets, stymie US production even further than misguided US government policies have, and disproportionately harm millions of American workers.
Preventing the world’s most notorious sponsor of terrorism from developing a nuclear weapon sounds like a good idea, but let’s get real. Iran has a long history of violating agreements. It violated the JCPOA before President Trump pulled the US out of the deal. China has been importing oil from Iran and dictator Nicolas Maduro-led Venezuela – another country on which the US placed sanctions. The three countries are increasingly thumbing their collective nose at President Biden and the United States, while American oil and gas workers have struggled to support our families.
Will Biden “work as hard for those who didn’t vote for” him as for those who did? No. The “moral” leader of the United States and once considered the “leader of the free world” does not appear to be concerned with the human rights violations of China and Iran.
We hear in the United States that “environmental justice” and “racial justice” are human rights issues. Those buzzphrases are used to kill American oil and gas jobs, while foreign countries with atrocious human rights records continue to explore, develop, produce, and take over our global market share.
Apparently, “beating women” and “executing gays” are not human rights issues, and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are pretty ok with those.
American workers of every color of skin will lose our jobs to global terrorists who beat women and murder gay people. 
Mmmm. “Moral”.
And y’all thought that Defense of Marriage Act was rough.
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President Biden says he’s going to look at the data and “listen to the scientists” as his and Vice President Kamala Harris’s administration takes actions impacting American oil and gas workers.

The movie “Argo” conveys the real life story of how the federal government, Hollywood, and the media worked together to fake a movie in order to rescue American hostages from Iran in 1979.

1. Iran has been a terrorist nation for a long time. (President Biden recently removed the label from Iran-backed terrorist groups.)
2. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s representatives are willing to lift sanctions on Iran’s oil industry but still haven’t finished that “pause” on federal leasing in the United States that was supposed to last only 60 days.
3. What else has our government, Hollywood, and the media collaborated on to achieve an agenda?

“Climate change”?

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