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Oil & Gas Workers Association is fighting for AMERICAN jobs.

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* Oil & Gas Workers Association, Inc., is a 501c6 nonprofit trade association. We are required by the IRS to tell you that Membership dues and donations to OGWA are not tax-deductible on an individual return and that a portion may be used for lobbying. Business memberships may be deductible. Please consult a tax professional.

Check out this call to action from OGWA founder Matt Coday, and stay up to date with the Rig Count below.


  • Reduce foreign oil imports
  • Energize American exploration, drilling, fracking, and production
  • Advance American pipelines, refineries, gas plants, and other infrastructure projects
  • Expand shipping terminals for American oil and gas exports
  • Bring back, increase, and sustain American jobs

Oil & Gas Workers Association is committed to supporting responsible legislation that works for our industry and fighting against harmful, misguided policies that hurt all Americans.



At Oil & Gas Workers Association, we represent workers throughout the country. From the Permian Basin of Texas and New Mexico to the Gulf of Mexico, Oklahoma to North Dakota, Florida to Alaska, California to South Carolina, Colorado to Massachusetts, Mississippi to Pennsylvania and Ohio, and everywhere in between.  

Completely independent of oil and gas producers, the OGWA is NOT a union. We are fighting for American jobs.



We’ll work to keep you informed of what’s happening in the US, the world, and our oil and gas industry. We’ll tell you how it impacts our American jobs.



OGWA advocates on behalf of all members of the oil and gas industry.

​Reach out to your legislators today to see where they stand, and follow OGWA’s work on regulatory and legislative issues that affect all of our jobs.

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Let’s fight for AMERICAN oil and gas jobs!
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